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These are some of my FAVORITE online sources of encouragement.  I'm always on the lookout for a great weight loss blog...
Seriously, some are so awesome I have a selfish part of me that would like to keep them for myself, but that just will not do!

Please feel free to let me know your blog, I'd love to check it out!


DivaSlimsDown (Ruth) -- Look her up. She has a channel of all her video's, you can watch from the beginning to the now - she has hit her weight loss goals, and she is AMAZING. She's a pure joy to watch and connect with.

PlusSizeKimonica - Another inspiration. She's vlogged regarding the WLJ she is on for the last few years. She's amazing and real.

DaraDubinet (Dara): She's a raw food chef, and teaches the ways of a raw vegan life. I'm not vegan, but sure learn a lot from her and appreciate her videos more than I can say.

Brenda Lee Turner: Health guru with great tips & advice:

Weight Loss Blogs I love to keep up on:

300 Pounds Down:

Success Along The Weigh:

The Year of the Phoenix:

111 Pounds:

A New Beginning:

Authentically Emmie:

All the Weigh:

Drawn to Scale:

Double Chin Diary:

Reduced Fat Girl:

One Man's Trip to the Half:

PastaQueen (This is all old posts, but I love them. Jen has a new website now):
Pasta Queen New site:

A Small Loss:

Can you Stay for Dinner?:

Fat Loss Frolic:

Websites for Healthy Eating Recipies:

3 Fat Chicks:

The Dashing Dish:

Skinny Taste:

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