Monday, March 17, 2014

Lovin on the Luck of the Irish

First things first, Happy St. Patty's day! 
Second, as you may have noticed, I've been "away";  I let myself slide back into old, rotten, unhealthy eating habits after a period of months with no real “progress” for weight loss.  Even though I have been decently working out, over the last 5 weeks, I have gained about 11 pounds by what I’ve been shoveling into the old pie hole.  While I didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, I did splash a lot of bathwater outta the tub.


It’s alarming how good habits can so easily be undone!  Old habits that make me feel terrible in the long run, still feel really good in the short term.  Suck!


I’ve  got the fire lit again for things like going through the drive-through.   It’s been a culinary delight, a tasty pleasure, a delicious road to weight gain….but, I’m tired of feeling like CRAP and seeing old jiggles return, so it’s time for a change.  I thought I should write this out so that I can refer back to it or maybe it will be something that someone out there can benefit by.


Since I’ve let so much unhealthy food into my system, I’ve been feeling:

·         Bloated

·         Grumpier than “normal”

o   For awhile there, I was on cloud 9 most of the time.

·         Can’t get my digestive system to EMPTY

o   I’m not constipated, but I certainly can tell that I haven’t fully cleansed out like I could when I was eating a healthier diet.

·         Greedy for food

o   The saying familiar to my generation, of “Once you pop, you can’t stop” comes to mind.  For me, it’s true when Taco Bell or savory unhealthy foods are on the menu.  As much as I don’t like it and wish it wasn’t that way, it is.  I don’t do well with “cheats” because once I get a taste, I only want more and more rather than feeling satisfied.

·         Much less energetic

o   Less drive to not only exercise, but also to do “things” in general.  Sitting in front of the TV sounds more & more inviting, going for a walk or riding a bike sounds like..bleh!

·         Not thriving

o   Where’d all my kick-ass attitude go?

·         Ashamed

·         Many people, including co-workers and family, are interested in my weight loss & are also very supportive.  While my weight loss is totally for ME, I also feel a desire to keep succeeding, I don’t want to fail with everyone rooting for me!

·         Frustrated

o   In myself.


Personally, I’m not a fan of feeling like crap. 


Today, I’m changing it all.  I’m back on track ya’ll.  Water, food.  Cut out the meat, which I’m becoming more and more convinced is the way to go.  It’s a tricky thing, learning that your foundational beliefs are incorrect.  Learning that dairy isn’t safe and the only means for my bones to get calcium.  Learning that red meat has bad effects (This Iowa girl had red meat on her plate 2 times per day, on average).  Learning that there is much more to the meatless world than apples and carrots. 


So, BOOM, it’s on.


Second, my girlfriend was enlightening me of the benefits of Bentonite Clay, aka, Indian Healing Clay.  I’d heard her mention it before, but I’d kinda forgotten about it.  On this day of recovery and detox, I was thinking of the good and nurturing things I could do for myself.  Detox isn’t easy  and I’m a big fan of caring about myself instead of beating myself up.  I’m no masochist. 

Maddy, my friend, said it better than I can, so let me share some of her words of wisdom regarding this product.  As a disclaimer, neither of us are doctors so don’t think that because you see info here that I am medically recommending it.  I’m not.  Just sharing info I find awesome:

·          There is so much to learn about how this stuff can help you in and out.  When you mix this with fluid like water or coconut milk or coconut oil, it then has the ability to absorb toxins and remove toxins of every kind.  So never store this in a metal container and don’t use metal lids.  Just glass or plastic because it will actually absorb metals, thinking it is a toxin.  And that’s a good thing. 

·         What’s also nice is it has an alkalizing effect, like when you drink lemon water, and will balance gut bacteria.  So if you’re bloated drink it!

·          I’ve used it for a million things.  Toothpaste, mud mask, body scrub (which is nice in the shower because if it gets everywhere you just wash your shower with it), if I have a sore or a bug bite or a cut, if my stomach is upset, if I’m hung over and need minerals and electrolytes, and as a detox. 

·         The only thing I’d be careful of is when you use it as a detox.  It absorbs and removes stuff, right, so wait 2 hours after you’ve taken any supplements or prescriptions or have had a meal to use it. It takes your body 2 hours to properly digest. 

·         Seriously lady, prepare for your beauty products and detox stuff to change completely.  Ive been using this now for 2-ish years.  Its hard to stop using what we’ve been used to using, like the junk we buy at the stores.  This is cheaper, better, and more affordable.  Shit, I should be a spokes person for this!!”

·         “Mix the clay with coconut oil and you have one powerful toothpaste.  my gums look pinker which means they’re healthier and my teeth are whiter”

·         “In fact I don’t wear face make up anymore because of it, just eye makeup.  Ive worn makeup since I was 10 because I was an early puberty girl. These last few months I've been so happy with my skin”.


Well said, well said.  I’m going to start using it in various ways.  Join me if you want to!! We can compare uses and results.




Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014, goodbye 2013.

Happy New Year!!!  I welcome 2014 with open arms.  As I publicly announced to 2014 via Facebook…I am SO in the zone for you!  :)

Inspired by Anele, at Success Along the Weigh, I thought I would take some time to reflect on the changes that took place in my life in 2013 because of my weight loss that made me a happier person.

1.       I rode a bike with my son!!!  Around our neighborhood we go out and about and laugh our heads off… the first time my son was yelling “Mom! Youre doing it youre doing it!!”  He was so distracted by me that he plowed into a garbage can full on…he didn’t get hurt, thankfully, but I know he was just in the shock of the moment.  ……………. You guys, I don’t recall if I’ve ever detailed what an obstacle my body was for me when I first started to work out.  My legs and knees felt so stiff and heavy.  I bought a recumbent indoor exercise bike.  I couldn’t climb onto it.  I had to get a little step ladder out, just to get up onto the bike seat.  Once I would get up on that seat I was nervous the whole time that the pin that held the seat in place would snap,  and the seat would slam down and break on me.  With persistence, I kept riding that bike.  I didn’t pay attention to distance, RPM, calorie, time or anything.  I had to put extra  pillows down on top of the seat because all the pressure of my weight killed KILLED my butt,  just sitting there, moving.  It sucked bad at first.  But, I kept going…  My legs started to loosen up.  The muscles started to get stretched again beyond their normal movements of walking – which was all they had in their “memory”.  After weeks,  I could get up on that bike without the step ladder.  A couple weeks later, I didn’t need an extra cushion.   Now, I can fling myself up onto it without much of a thought.   No special seat pads required.  Yesterday, I did over 10 miles in 50 minutes with no pain.  It amazes me.  Something that used to seem so hard is now something that I don’t have to give a second thought to.  My workouts on that bike gave me the courage to buy a bike & start riding outside.  J

2.       I had the courage to try, and actually FIT INTO RIDES at amusement parks this year!  First was the bumper cars at Lakeside, then roller coasters at Elitches.  Amazing!  Not to mention, the turn styles were no problem either.

3.       I fit into an airplane seat!  Believe me, my heart was pounding before I knew what would happen there…

4.       I stopped feeling helpless and started to feel strong & capable.

5.       I can now sit Indian style, or some may refer to it as criss-cross-apple-sauce .  Before, if I were sitting on the floor with my legs outstretched, I could pull one leg in towards me at a time, using my hands to literally pull my ankle towards me.  Without hands I could bend my leg in to an approximately 35* angle.  Now, I can cross my legs without hand assistance.  I do use my hands to pull one ankle up on top of the other leg for a yoga-like position, but I’ll take that any day over feeling so stiff and unflexible!

6.       Speaking of crossing legs, I can now cross my right leg over my left leg, comfortably.  That’s something my thick legs were too thick for before.  I always sat with my legs straight, at most crossed at the ankles.  Next  change will be being able to comfortably cross my left leg over my right leg. 

7.       I tried and loved eating clean, I literally started to crave healthy food instead of my old picks of Taco Bell, Ruffles, and ice cream.  I never would have believed that would happen to me.

8.       I’ve fit into all my old “skinny” jeans..also known as the jeans I wore before pregnancy.  On to the next skinny ;)

I’m still figuring out my goals for 2014…I think it’s good to have a plan, even though it will surely evolve with the year.

How about you?  Any personal victories?  What goals do you have for 2014?