Friday, January 22, 2016

I Smell Like Cat Pee

I was off and "walking" for my break tonight at work….there's a Sprouts market about 1/2 mile from me, so I decided  tonight would be the night that I braved the highly trafficked road that separates my employer from the Sprouts Market.

Since the call of the apples and tangelos was too much to resist, I thought it would be a great workout and a nice personal accomplishment to face that road, finally.

It's a pretty chilly night here in Colorado; there is still some ground cover of snow, and several ugly heaps where the snow plows piled it up.  
I had on a fairly warm jacket; it’s a hoodie lined with some fur.  The air was crisp, so I alternated between having my hood up and down.  
I walked briskly.  The return to work is an uphill incline, so by the time I got to my desk with my fruit I was a little sweaty.

I unzipped my coat and my nose started sniffing something wrong.  I thought what is that smell??!?!

It smells like...sniff pee!!!!  Yuuck!

It took me a moment to realize the scent was coming out of my skin.  My slight sweat underneath my coat.  It smelled heavily of ammonia and was reminiscent of cat pee!

Since I'm an armchair doctor, I pulled up trusty Google and diagnosed myself via the search engine.

I found out that basically the reason for the odor is what happens when the body starts to break down protein – when no carbs are available.  Increasing carbs, even if it’s just an apple or a slice of whole grain bread, prior to a workout should curb this effect.

Glad I picked up some apples while I was at Sprouts, on my walk.  It’s almost ironic.


The Cat Pee Lady

PS: Over 8000 on my Fit Bit tonight...YAY!

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