Thursday, January 14, 2016

FitBit, Kettle Bell workout, and my Bitch Scar

Yesterday morning I did a kettle bell workout that I found on YouTube.  I liked it, the gist of it was that you did 3 reps of the same 6 moves, the first round of reps you did 14, the second round 13, and the final round 12 reps.  I knew it was a good workout by the way my heart rate was up, and how tired I was by the end of the day. 

Whenever I work out, I am generally more motivated to keep it healthy during the day (that is a definite benefit of working out in the AM vs. the PM for me).  Since I’d started my day out with a workout, I was all over watching my step count on my Fitbit.  I walked with intention and surpassed my 8,000 step goal.

Last night I suffered with horrid leg cramps.  Charlie horse cramps, even towards the front of my calf.  I definitely think being somewhat deficient on potassium played a role in that, on top of the workout I’d done in the morning.  I popped a potassium pill but was still awoken in the night with some cramping. 

Speaking of my Fitbit, the original goal that was pre-set was to get 10,000 steps per day.  I think that is the medically recognized healthy standard.  For me, I found that I never reached that goal.  I decided to reduce it to 8,000.  8,000 is a number that I have to put effort into getting, but it feels attainable.  I decided once I start to consistently get 8,000 steps (for at least a week straight, maybe 2 weeks) that I will then up the count, probably to 8,500.  Slow and steady.  It just really sucked to never feel like I was even close to meeting the step goal.  It also took me awhile to figure out I could adjust my goal within the Fitbit app.

If you want, you can find me and add me on Fitbit under “Lea G”.  (I think!!)

On another topic, which is a little gross (you’ve been warned).   I have multiple scars on my stomach from my RNY surgery.  The spots where the tools went in, and then some scars from the 3 tubes that were inserted into me during the “emergency” surgery.  The biggest scar, the one that was from the tube that went into my stomach for drainage, has healed but I’ve always referred to it as my “bitch scar” because it gets unexpectedly tender and sometimes feels weird.

I was never too worried about infection or anything, because it had healed overall, was just sensitive sometimes.  Well, two nights ago I noticed there was a scab on my scar.  I was surprised, but realized it had felt extra tender throughout the day (not SORE, but noticeable in the back of my mind).  I started lightly messing with the scab, it came right off followed by a little pus.  Yikes.  That was really all there was to it though, no big deal.

The next night (last night) I was relaxing and laying on my stomach relaxing, watching Netflix.  I got up and went down the hall and realized my shirt felt damp, right near the scar.  I investigated to find that the scar had another small looking scab on it, but the area was wet with…some pus, and liquid.  I scraped the area lightly and I saw a perfectly circular hole in my scar. 

It really tripped me out!!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I googled it and everything says that it’s likely a stitch that worked itself out.  I know that the drainage tube did have stitches in it to hold it in place, so my surgeon must have missed one the day I went in to have the tube removed.    

Has anyone else ever had that happen to them?  Isn’t it amazing what our bodies can do?

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