Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weighing In & Feeling all kinds of Sassy

Weigh in was yesterday, and all my work paid off!  I lost 4.6 pounds, and will take that any week!

 Tracking my points, faithfully working out – it works. J 

Lately I’ve sure been feeling extra “girly”.  I have always loved to do makeup, and usually do my face up – at minimum put some cover up and mascara on.  It’s just how I’ve always been.  I like it.  I don’t have to put on makeup, some days I braid my hair and toss on a hat and leave my face bare, but as far as going to work, I’ve always got some kind of makeup going.

 However, having a limited wardrobe due to my size never made me feel really excited about clothes.  I turned into a “jeans and T-shirt” girl.  If the clothes I liked were in my size, then maybe it wouldn’t have been that way, but as it stands – that’s how it was, and, still is to a smaller point.   I don’t like a lot of plus sized clothes.  Either they look like they are made for 75 year olds which is fine and dandy unless you’re in your 20 & 30’s like I’ve been.  Also, explain to my why Lane Bryant and the such think that us bigger chicks want cursive writing and Eiffel towers and butterflies printed all over our shirts?  I can see them sewing on the sequins and laughing their butts off.

Good God…I should open a “plus sized” store that sells EXACTLY what is available for average sized people, just larger.  I’m sure it’d be a hit since the lack of style is a curse all larger ladies have to deal with and get creative with.

Anyways!  (See, I’m a rambler)

I’ve been painting my fingernails much more often, which I haven't done in a decade or so.  Pink, red, gold, and today they are blue, as you can see in my pic below.  In the past, maybe I'd  some polish here and there, but meh, not much.  Annnnd OMG I started curling my hair here and there.  OMG was added into that sentence because its been YEARS since I’ve curled my hair.   It looks really nice and girly.  I forget I’ve done it and then I see a glimpse of myself in a random mirror and even impress myself a bit.

I think I’ve been doing more of these feminine type of things because I’m feeling better about myself in general.  I do of course make myself have “pamper nights” but those are private, and at home.  It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve wanted cute earrings and accessories, but now those days have found me again.

It feels good, so I wanted to share.  J

If you are on a weight loss “journey”, what have you found yourself doing for YOU now that you didn’t do before?

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