Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tea Time!

On my journey, I started drinking tea…something that I would NOT have done before.  I’ve never been a big tea fan.  I don’t like the taste of “tea”.  You know that flavor?  My only saving grace for tea back then was Chai tea.  I’d had it at Starbucks before, and did buy some of the bags for home.  In the beginning I didn’t make it often, but did try to remember to make a cup or two a week. 

Back then I was doing some acupuncture for help with womanly issues and such, as well as appetite control.  My acupuncturist told me that according to Chinese medicine, cold drinks are a no-go.  Something about dampness in the body.  I objected and said that many things I’ve read suggest that drinking ice water is ideal, because your body has to burn the calories to warm back up.  She said yes, but it slows your metabolism down.


I don’t claim to know for sure, but she did recommend some tea that helps rid your body of excess fluids and encourages wt. loss.  It’s called “Bojenmi” (I pronounce it as Bow-Jeh-My).  First, I ordered some from Amazon.  I don’t buy everything I hear about, but I really respect my acupuncturist & she doesn’t give out recommendations lightly.  I think I paid around $6 per box of 20 bags.  Then, I found that there is a great Asian grocer in Boulder Colorado that sells it in the tin as loose leaf.  It was cheaper – I think $3 per tin!!  Still, it tastes like tea.  Yucky!  HA HA.  So, I started looking for ideas to make myself like tea, because I want to like it… I know green tea has amazing benefits, but have you tasted it?  J  My taste buds aren’t fans.  So, I started putting some of the bojenmi in with the Chai tea to mask it’s flavor.

Guess what else is in Colorado, between me and Boulder?   CELESTIAL SEASONINGS, BABY!  I took my mom there one day and we toured the plant.  The peppermint room *makes* the tour for me, I wish I could spend the whole tour in there…it’s free, and if you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

In any case, they have a sample bar for free drinks, and I tried some, and that day helped LAUNCH my love for tea. 

These are the teas that I love, that don’t taste like “tea” to me.  I really WANTED to incorporate tea into my life because of several reasons, including:

·         Tea has virtually 0 calories

·         It  is warm and comforting

·         I believe it speeds up my metabolism

·         I lose more weight whenever I have had at least one cup of tea per day. (LOVE THIS)


My favorite teas, currently:

Celestial Seasonings:

Chai:  This one has caffine.  It tastes like a true chai, but doesn’t have any of the peppery kick.  If you like that, add a dash of white pepper into it. 

Bengal Spice:  This is like chai, but contains no caffeine.  It’s heavy on the cinnamon but I don’t mind that. 

Sweet Harvest Pumpkin:  It’s a fall dream!  J  Pumpkiny, yummy, totally makes me stop missing Starbucks Pumpkin lattes (Thank you C.S!)

Cinnamon Apple Spice : I was thrilled when I saw this, and even happier when I tasted it…it’s like having warm cider, with none of the calories.

Jammin’ Lemon Ginger:  This was my biggest surprise, since I’m not a gung ho ginger fan. This is light & fruity, honestly reminds me of the smell of Fruity Pebbles cereal. 

Candy Cane Lane:   This sweet, minty tea is soothing, and great for a tummy ache too.  It’s like peppermint with a touch of vanilla.  It’s seasonal, but luckily, this is the season it’s out!

I love adding some unsweetened vanilla almond milk to my tea, along with some liquid stevia. 

I could give you a longer list of tea’s that I have disliked, but I don’t think that is as helpful.  All of the teas I listed above are sweet, and happen to taste yummy to me. 

I’ve also visited a couple tea houses, and found a great Chocolate Mint tea at Ku Cha on Pearl Steet in Boulder.   It’s nice there because they will serve you anything they sell right there from their tea bar, so you can taste it before you buy. 

What are your favorite teas?  Any twists on how you prepare your tea?



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