Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weighing In even when I don't wanna

Last week wasn’t my finest as far as eating.  With feeling sorry for myself because my sister is so far away, my son being sick and feeling just miserable, missing work, and having so many errands and phone calls to make I felt like a Task-Master…it added up and I ate the way I normally do not.  I totally over-ate on food that I ususally don't eat much of.  In my state of "ugh-ness", I also did not bother to work out, I was too busy, I was sure of it.

Determined to “get back on track”, I got back in the groove of things (my normal eating, exersizing) on Monday.  I decided I was going to S-K-I-P my weigh in this week.  After all, I don’t want to get myself depressed, and if I had a bad weigh in, it would depress me.

BUT, I was worried about what damage had been done?  How much did I put on?  What if I go above 300 pounds at my Weigh In?  My mind has quite a skill when it comes to imagination.  I started thinking I put on 13 pounds?  8 pounds?  -- dread.

I decided to take away the power I was giving my imagination, so, I bit the bullet and went to weigh in.

To my shock and delight, I actually LOST weight:  2.4 lbs!!!

Perhaps last week I was holding onto a lot of fluids, so even though I actually gained, the water weight masked it? 

Maybe the hard exercise and on-point eating I did Monday & Tuesday was the key?  (doubt it)

Maybe that I had drank about a gallon of tea and 4 gallons(ish) of water had done it?

I felt so thankful, and knew, even before I had weighed in, that I want to keep losing weight and keeping that scale down (NOT UP).  Seeing the loss really gave me a boost and Moh-Tee-Vay-shun Baby! 


Do you ever get pleasantly surprised at your weigh in? 

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