Monday, September 16, 2013

Yummy Frozen Yogurt Chips

Note: This was originally posted on my old blog on Sept 9th, 2013. Carried over to this blog for personal & historic reasons.

I stumbled across a website over the weekend I fell in love with – first, because I really dig homemade remedy type things. This site had a multitude of make-at-home beauty essentials (like a home made exfoliating face mask – c’mon! <3!!)

One of the recommended posts that appeared caught my eye because I saw a picture of my current favorite yogurt. It’s the Greek Gods brand, and it’s Honey flavor. I fell in love with it a few weeks ago at our new Lucky’s Market grand opening when I had a sample.

So when I saw that picture, I had to click it – and it was a brilliant idea! I will link it below, but the jist of it is so simple:
Put a cup or so of yogurt into a baggie (no need to measure). Snip a corner and twist the top to make it like a pastry bag. Then, on a cookie sheet (or some flat surface you can easily slide into your freezer), squeeze out small dots about the size of chocolate chips.  

Taa-daaa! That’s it! And it’s a nice treat to have as an ice cream substitute/frozen healthy treat.

Once they froze through, which took about an hour or so, I took a plastic container, put all the yogurt chips into it, and popped it back into the freezer. I don't think it would be too tasty to leave them exposed, they'd probably get that gross frost bite taste?
The website suggests adding in some essential oils, which might be delicious, but I wouldn’t know because the yogurt straight up was good enough for me.
You can find the OG recipie and the other type of how-to’s I mentioned earlier at

What’s your favorite healthy dessert or snack?

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