Monday, September 16, 2013

The end of "LAZY days"

Note: This was originally posted on my old blog on Sept 9th, 2013. Carried over to this blog for personal & historic reasons.

I’ve been feeling FAN-TAS-TIC, and keeping really busy.

Yesterday (Sunday) I made the decision to have a “lazy” day, and I announced to my family that I just wanted to be home all day, and “be lazy”.


I don’t know why, I wasn’t overly tired from any activity.....I just thought that a lazy day, doing “nothing”, would be "fun".

Well, it wasn't so fun.  In fact, I learned it was not a good choice for me to give myself a green light to be L-a-z-y. 

Why?  We all deserve them, don't we?!?......

Since it was my LAZY day, I talked myself right out of doing my cardio.   I can't be expected to sweat on my lazy day!!! 

Since it was my LAZY day, I let my guard down towards food too.  I decided that pizza sounded great on this LAZY day! We got pizza. I ate 5 big slices of Hand Tossed, with Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon bits, onion & mushroom.

Before I went to bed on my LAZY day, I also helped myself to a square of pan pepperoni pizza from my son’s “box deal”. I wasn’t hungry, but I’d already eaten pizza, and it sure looked good…..and I had already eaten half a pizza anyways, right!?!? What was one more?
Let me just add that I'm no lightweight eater.  Years of overeating have made would you say... "a pro".  (sad)

I woke up early this morning from bad stomach pain.

Here I’ve spent the last several weeks filling myself with small portions, of HEALTHY food, like fruit & veg or nuts or lean meats.   Only to bitch smack my body with some Pizza Hut.
I over did it, and my body suffered.

Today I have been thinking about my eating last night. To be honest, I surprised myself eating like that. I’ve been on the right track, but so quickly made bad food choices.

I am officially removing “LAZY day” from my vocabulary.

When I want a “low-key” type of day again, I will declare it a “ME-day”, so that I focus on doing positive things for myself that aren’t necessarily lazy, like exercising. That type of day wouldn’t hold my hand to make bad food choices, like stuffing myself on pizza.

On my future ME days, I will take time to exercise my body. I will take time to pamper myself with foot soaks/facials/eyebrow plucking sessions/hair dye; anything and everything, but take the “lazy” out of it.

What do you do on your “ME” days?

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