Monday, September 16, 2013

Rabbit * Rabbit * Rabbit*

*Note:  This was originally posted on AUGUST 1st, 2013 on my old blog..added for historic purposes*

My first post, on the first day of the month. Years ago my friend Karen told me about the importance of announcing “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit” upon waking on the first day of any month…it’s for good luck. Guess what…I’m NOT a morning person, and in all these years I’ve *yet* to remember to say it first thing….The way I see it, if I say it sometime on the first day, there’s gotta be a little good luck left in there somewhere. J

I’m really getting sleepy this evening. Yesterday was my day off and I packed up my mom, my son, and his friend to go to an Amusement park in Denver named Lakeside Amusement Park. I had never heard of this place, I assume because Elitche’s gets most of the attention. In any case, as luck would have it, one of my girlfriends at work had a free pass and some extra coupons to pass along to me that they couldn’t use. I was not sure what to expect, so as with most everything I Googled it. It was an amusing mix of reviews, from people loving the nostalgia to people claiming it to be straight up ghetto. Hey…I’m just a white bread type of girl..this sounded up my alley. Off we went.

NOTE: Originally, I was just going to take my son (who shall from here on out be referred to as Ayden) and go with him on a mommy son date…but then, I almost panicked realizing that I probably wouldn’t FIT into several of the rides, and I did not want to ruin Ayden’s day. So we last minute grabbed a great friend and my mom, packed up a cooler with some drinks and snacks, and headed down.

To make a long story short, it was a BLAST. If you don’t have your heart set on huge fancy rides, definitely check this place out if you are in Denver. The park sits right along side a very large lake (hence the name!), and the view is beautiful. Literally the lake is glimmering in the sun, the mountains are easily visible in the distance, and there is a nice amount of mature trees and shrubbery throughout the park. It really cracked me up, but there was kale growing all over the place…it looked like Christopher Xavier could come harvest the Cabbage Patch Kids at any moment (Hello children of the 80’s that “get” that reference J). My mom’s knees have been improving with her successful weight loss she’s been rockin', but it was still nice to have little benches and seating areas absolutely everywhere in case she did want to sit. The park was laid back, they allow anyone to take drinks and food in and not spend a dime on any of their concessions…though if you did, you won’t be set back more than $2.00 each for a slice of pizza, cotton candy, popcorn or drinks. That’s cheaper than the movie theater!

Okay, I am realizing that I am turning this into a review of the park and getting away from my actual point..I do get sidetracked all the time occasionally!

My point to discuss is the whole part about my anxiety of not fitting into rides. When I started my weight loss journey just over a year ago, being able to fit into rides was on the list I wrote out of accomplishments I was desiring and hoping for. Some of the rides did look like a tight squeeze, so I avoided them. Others were fine or looked totally fine (but I didn’t go because Ayden’s friend was wanting to go too and I could live without the motion sickness)!

When it was time to get on my first ride, I was waiting in line and honestly getting a really little sweaty wondering if my bumper car would move or if I would be too heavy to make it move (I’m about 303 lbs. right now). When that electricity started up, I hit my gas pedal praying I wouldn’t be stuck there like a blob, and whoosh - I was off in a flash! I was EXHILLARATED!!!! My car could get speed and I could really bump into people…as an automatic reflex, anytime I did get someone I went into automatic joyous laughter mode. All that panic of failure lifted off of my shoulders, I felt like a kid again…having fun… Guess what? I LiVeD again, the way I want to live!!! I did something that I wanted to do but one year ago (and 96+ lbs heavier) would have NEVER attempted. J

I told Ayden that we will be back next summer, and my goal is to be able to go on and damn ride I want to!

Each victory I've experienced through my weight loss has been so, so sweet, and yesterday was a total victory for me on a personal level. Even if I hadn’t ridden on one ride, just the fact that I WANTED to go spend the day walking around an amusement park is a big change….not that I didn’t feel like a shitty mom over that, but before I would have been filled with dread rather than excitement because my lower back and hips would have been screaming at me after an hour or so.

Baby steps, baby steps. J Eventually I will know that I can get onto any roller coaster and the belt/straps will fit without problem, and I will be so happy.

Have you ever experienced fear at an amusement park because of your BODY (rather than a ride)? What was your experience like? Do you have any rides that you really want to get on?

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