Monday, September 16, 2013

I hit 100.0 pounds LOST today at Weight Watchers .......That is 100 pounds in 54 weeks!!

Note: This was originally posted on my old blog on Aug 28th 2013. Carried over to this blog for personal & historic reasons.

I know, I know...... the title totally kills the suspense.
I guess waiting to be able to say that for 54 weeks makes me anxious :)

I allllmost didn't weigh in today - I didn't figure anything fantastic had happened because I caught a bad cold on Saturday have done more sleeping than anything. I had been so psyhed last week about getting out of the 300's that I didn't notice how close I was to 100 lbs :)

I guess the lack of appetite and good rest paid off. :)

I made a journal when I first decided to join weight watchers and make a commitment to myself to lose weight. Before then, I was a remorseful but willing participant in over-eating and self acceptance.
I simply accepted being fat and made sure I looked at mirrors from the waist up.

I've temporarily misplaced that journal, the one where I also keep my body measurements. I rearranged my craft/exercise room, and that's how come I can't find it. But, I started thinking about it and am going to hunt around to try to do my measurements 100 pounds difference.

When I first started, there was a part of my body that was so big that I could not fit the tape measure around it. I had to mark and then move the tape measure and kind of guess. As you can imagine, the measurement ended in "ish" I think it was "68ish" inches.

I think tape measures are 58" long.

Yep. I call the area my Butt-To-Gut, aka, the largest part of me.

I've taken measurements a couple times along the way. Then I kinda lost track of it.

It's nice to have measurements beyond the scale. Since I don't go get my fat calibrated or anything, my measures have been scale, clothing size, tape measure mentioned above, and that's about it.

What do you do to keep track? Do you go to a gym that tracks things for you?

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