Monday, September 16, 2013


Note:  This post was originally published on my old blog Aug 22nd 2013...carried over for personal historic reasons.


Wednesdays are my regular weigh in day at Weight Watchers. My mom, my partner in crime weight loss, decided to opt out of weigh in for the day. Neither of us does that very often, so it was no biggie. I went in, wondering if I had come out of my slump. It was less than a week since I’d gone to see my Dr. to explain that I was just feeling blah and that I needed some temporary *“help”.  The prescription she gave me is only temporary, with a requirement that I am back every 29 days to have blood pressure monitored. Since I know it’s just a temporary thing (no more than 1-6 months) I’ve decided to take FULL advantage of the subsided appetite and increased energy. I fully believe this will help me get back onto track, full term.

*I know that everyone isn’t big on taking aids or supplements, but I made the choice to do so, and feel good about it.

The scale showed my steady work outs paid off! I lost 4.6 for the week, putting me at a total loss of 98.6 lb, and total weight 299.4.

Yeah, I said that. 299.4!!!!!! I MADE IT OUT OF THE 300’s!!!!!!!!!!! This was the goal I had been hoping to hit as a “mini” goal, and have been working for it the last 54 weeks. Just over a year.

I am rejoicing. I feel capable…empowered…and hopeful. :)

Whats a recent goal you have reached?

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