Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colorado Flooding & Getting Back on Track

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have noticed that last week the beautiful state of Colorado began to flood. 

It definitely took many of us by surprise…in fact, on Thursday, when I was heading into work in the afternoon, I had NO IDEA what was going on….at all.  My husband works nights, and when he came home in the morning he said something to me about “all the rain”, but I was still mostly asleep and it didn’t register......


Imagine my surprise when I was stuck in a really unusual traffic jam on my way to work, and noticed to my right side that there were literal rapids flowing in the enormous parking lot in front of DSW Shoes & Best Buy.  It only got worse from there, and many, many parts of my town were devastated by flood. 

On the positive side, I am so grateful that my family’s home & my parents’ home wasn’t damaged by the floodwaters.  It hurts my heart to see all of the homes & businesses that were devastated…..

Since my employment involves 9-1-1 & public safety, my company has some groups that are considered to be Essential Personnel.  This makes sense, since we provide nationwide services and support.  My group is essential, we provide 24x7x365, so, since I was one of the employees that actually was able to make it into work (not kidding here, literally every road into our town was shut down at one point…many still are shut down & will be for some time) I basically couldn’t go home.  My employer is wonderful (honestly) and they provided those of us in this circumstance very nice hotel rooms in the hotel right across the street. 

 Wouldn't you know, that hotel had a great mirror set up, so I took this, specifically for this blog (You can see this picture in larger size under my Before & In Progress tab above):


On Thursday, when all of the chaos was starting, once I got into work I felt like I was in a command center.  I was worried about what was going on, and also still in shock.  I was worried about my family & friends, and what was going on outside.  I was so busy thinking, working & fretting that I stopped putting my healthy eating first.  Everything around us closed down, and so our employer had our Bistro people stay to provide food for everyone here. 


It surprises me how easy it was to fall into bad eating.  First it started with having a big lunch and a big dinner.  They were both free, after all.  Then, I started wanting comfort food, and there were plenty of cookies and treats to lift everyone’s mood.  Friday was much the same, I ate more than I needed to and made choices I wouldn’t normally make (like Lay’s Potato chips and Grandma’s cookies….). 


In a matter of days, I felt horrible.  Food affects me SO quickly….putting that extra crap into my system made me feel sluggish, bloated, and like I could feel fat amassing around my neck. 


I did go home on Friday, and the weather remained rainy and more flooding was going on.  We had the stress of a missing family member that lives in the mountains, right where the roads reportedly had washed away & there were mudslides.  (did I mention stress?)  I honestly didn’t eat much better…since I already had the junk food in my system I was much more interested in the unhealthy foods in our house.  Most of the time I don’t give them a second thought…I’ll see them and think “That’s Not My food”, and go about my business”.


The good news is that yesterday (Monday), I got back on track and went to my gym.  I didn’t want to go, but I made myself.  I felt brilliantly better when I was done.  Rejuvenated. 


I want to LIVE.  I want to feel amazing & energetic…not sluggish and overstuffed!!


Comparing it to the flood; when all that flood water finally drains…it leaves behind a mess of sludge and debris.  And when all that unhealthy food leaves my system, it also leaves behind sludge & debris that will require a definite clean-up effort on my part.


Today has been fine, I had a grilled Ham & Cheese for lunch.  Not the healthies choice, but definitely my main meal for the day.  I still feel full, 5.5 hours later.  Likely because I sit behind a desk all day.


Do you ever notice how easy it is to get “off track”?  What methods do you use to get back in the saddle?

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