Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Good Pampering

 Who has time to be pampered?  WE ALL DO!!  We just have to make time.

I work 2nd shift, which has its pros & cons like any shift does.  This shift allows me some extra time in the morning. 
This morning I got up bright and early  at 7:20 am.  (Bright & Early to me, considering I don’t get home until 11 PM J)  I walked out of the bedroom and was really groggy.  I looked into the kitchen and saw Jason standing there cooking crepes.  YUM!  I got Ayden up, dressed, and at the table.  We all enjoyed some crepes.  I had one with sugar-free maple syrup, and one with the strawberry-cherry jam I canned over the summer when strawberries were in peak season. 


Once Ayden was on the bus, and Jason went to bed, I had some free time on my hands.  I washed up the breakfast dishes, unloaded the clean dishwasher and loaded up the straggler glasses I could find around the house. 

I felt spoiled that I woke up to a yummy home-made breakfast – but I’m not complaining!  (Being married to an ex-chef has it’s perks).

I decided to keep the spoiling going and decided to give myself a little pampering time.  I put on a green Mint facial mask.  I put some conditioning oil and deep conditioning therapy cream in my hair, tied it up, and covered it with a plastic cap*.

*Speaking of plastic caps – I don’t know about you but up until recently I figured I was doing great if I found one I could use a few times from the $1.00 store.  The other night when I was at Wal Mart, I was checking out the section of hair care designed for “African American”  people.  Shamefully, I never paid much attention to it before…I was missing out!!!  They had a package of 15 plastic hair caps for about $1.48!!!  I LOVE to do hair treatments since my hair needs all the help it can get, so I’m definitely going to stock up on a few packs of these!

While my mask was tightening and my hair was conditioning, I brewed myself a cup of coffee with some yummy Sugar-Free Italian Crème creamer, and watched some YouTube videos.   It was heavenly.  It was quick…only about 45 minutes.  It made me feel great. 

Soon, I had to get ready to go into work, so I hopped in the shower.  After my shower I put on some of my homemade “miracle” face gel.  It’s amazing.  It’s simply clear Aloe Vera gel (I’d say about a cup) whipped with maybe couple teaspoons of JoJoba oil. (Note:  I have naturally oily skin & hair, so the small amount of oil is perfect for me.  If you have dry skin, you may want more JoJoba)   I slathered it on my face and neck, gave myself a nice rub down of lotion on my arms, legs and torso, and started getting ready for work.   

I felt great, cared about, and much more ready to face the day that was awaiting me outside my front door. 


Do you make time to pamper yourself?  I’m not in the business of bossing anyone around, but, you gotta!  Just do it.  Something small at first is OK, like polishing your toes or fingernails.  Take 30 minutes a week to do something pampering/relaxing  for your body/hair/soul.  You deserve it…we all do.


What do you do to pamper yourself?  Do you have any homemade beauty product recopies you’d recommend? 



  1. You look gorgeous!! I love this. I think I had forgotten about how important pampering ourselves is until you mentioned it. I think it is very important. A lot of times if we don't do this for ourselves then it won't happen and we should know we are important too. Way to go!!!

  2. Holly! I LOVE your blog and am so honored that you were the first commenter on mine. Thank you, and I look forward to catching up on your story when you come back in January! *hugs*